Light up the Night!

Enjoy your outdoor space both day and night with lightscaping from Barmby Landscape & Design.  Transform your property with functional and design lighting.  Outdoor lighting not only draws interest to architectural details and landscaping, but also makes your property safer at night. 

If you love to spend time outdoors, you know how important lighting is to make your property enjoyable any time of the day.  Outdoor light fixtures are specially designed to be operated safely in the elements, including rain or snow.

Outdoor lighting is an important consideration for any landscaping project.  For example, you may want to add pathway lighting to prevent guests from accidentally stepping on your flowerbeds.  Or, maybe you’ve redesigned your yard for entertaining.  If you’ve added a pool, spa, or swing set, lightscaping is the perfect way to enjoy these activities after sunset.

Common lightscaping effects include:

  • Downlighting – Also called moonlighting, this the most natural source of light because it imitates the effect of a full moon.  Most moonlighting fixtures are designed to be suspended from tree limbs, eaves or garden structures.  These versatile fixtures create stunning moonlight effects while boosting property safety and security.
  • Pathlighting– Traditional pathlight applications include garden accents, walkways, decks, patios, drives, steps, docks, and entryways.  Pathlighting is also used in specialized applications to highlight planters, hillsides, landings, and low statuary objects.  Different fixture styles allow the light to be concentrated in tight circles or larger spreads.  Pathlighting can also be used for downlighting in low-lying planters, raised beds, or around hardscape borders.
  • Uplighting– Mounted into the ground, fixtures highlight architecture, plantings, trees or other landscape features.  Fixtures can also be used in raised planters where uplighting is closer to eye-level.  Uplighting is commonly used for commercial hardscapes, flags, focal points, water features or anywhere a controlled beam of light is required.
  • Underwater Lighting– Low voltage underwater lights illuminate and bring beauty to water gardens, fountains, ponds, and waterfalls at night.  Underwater lights highlight and enhance water features and allow enjoyment after the sun sets.
  • Backlighting – Most backlighting applications call for subtle, tranquil effects.  It is used for highlighting and silhouetting plants or other focal points in the landscape.

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