Water Remediation

Safe Water Management

Water remediation is an often overlooked but extremely important consideration in any landscaping or construction project. In many cases, your city or Township will require a water management solution as part of landscaping improvement projects, new home construction or additions.

Dry wells are a common solution for storm water management.  They are underground structures made to dispose of storm water runoff.  Water from a dry well is fed into the ground, where it merges with the local groundwater.  Simple dry wells consist of a covered pit filled with gravel, rubble, or other debris.

When designing a dry well, several factors are considered:

  • Anticipated volume of storm water
  • Drainage area feeding the dry well
  • Characteristics of the drainage surfaces (concrete, asphalt, grass, dirt)
  • Depth and local use of groundwater

Barmby Landscape & Design can help you meet your Township’s requirements with dry wells or other drainage solutions and help protect your property investments.

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